Pure64 - Because you have better things to do when writing a 64-bit Operating System

Pure64 is our custom 64-bit software loader for BareMetal OS. The loader gets the computer into a full 64-bit state with no legacy compatibility layers and also enables all available CPU Cores in the computer. If you need a quick way to boot a 64-bit AMD/Intel based computer that will enable all available processors and load your software then Pure64 is ideal. Pure64 keeps an information table in memory that stores important details about the computer (Amount of RAM and memory layout, number of CPU cores and their APIC IDs, etc). The Pure64 loader has been released separately so others can use it in their own software projects.

Getting started:

Two very simple kernels are included to get you started with your new 64-bit OS (One written in Assembly, the other in C).

A 32MiB disk image is included with the proper boot sector so you can run your new OS in a virtual machine.


A hard drive formatted with FAT16

Your own 64-bit kernel (named kernel64.sys)